Trying to live a holistic life in an unholistic world

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Which is fan’bloody’tastic because I’ve started and restarted, edited and re-edited, faffed about and waffled on, yet not even come close to finishing one of several million drafts of this post.

How to explain the absence in posts? How to share the reality of trying to live a holistic life in an unholistic world without sounding egotistical or boring you to tears? How to acquire the attribute I admire most in the blogs I like to read; that sense of personableness without sharing too many intimate details, so if you were to meet me outside of the virtual world, there wouldn’t be that this-is-weird-I-know-your-whole-life-story-but-we’ve-never-met type situation (which I recently encountered, but even worse, I just voyeured the whole situation so it seemed this blogger was on a life size screen – I will await their blog post on the place we co-inhabited – unleashing the internet stalker freak we all have happening inside right?)

So whilst I’ve been collecting my thoughts and working stuff out via creating psychological and chemical experiments on myself, also through an amazingly understanding and supportive sister and boyfriend and a job I actually love, I’ve sussed myself and this exhilirating ride we call, life, out. Well at least for another 6 months or so anyway.

And the results? The results, whilst not formulated through any conventional, scientific, traditional forms of medicine with stats or pie graphs, yet instead uncovered through inspiring (read – cheesy) quotes (yessss….often maybe with pictures of mountains or waterfalls cascading down into flowing streams and rockpools with unicorns and rainbow brite dolls), a rethink of things I’ve been blase about regarding my own diet via more education on nutrition through reading, watching documentaries and restricting different foods to see what results it has on my own personal wellbeing. I’ve also become more dedicated to practicing and understanding meditation, not just successfuly being able to put my insomniac self to sleep within 20 minutes, but also learning 1 or 2 minute meditations that have also helped me in my waking life (ie, resisting the urge to retaliate to the dotty old dear old ajumma who’s just pushed me aside whilst running for a free bus seat that doesn’t even exist on an over crowded bus) I have also been reading up on the principles and philosophy of yoga in order to gain a deeper knowledge of how this ancient meditative physical activity draws upon and enhances mental clarity and focus.

So, I guess, through the thick and the thin of it, I’ve been busy.

But, now the night, well it’s day now, is raging on (from my macbook – woooo!) and I’m still yet to come up with the desired post, an excuse for the lack of post, or pictures to excuse all previous shortcomings.

But I’ve got 440 words on the page, 444 now. And I’ll post some pictures of what I’ve been up to lately – to satisfy your inner voyeur 😉

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Written by ayearinpatissiere

June 6, 2013 at 20:38

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