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Almond Milk. Easy As.

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In Australia, we liken things to, ah, nothing.

On a scorching Summer’s day, “Oh man, it’s hot as today, hey”

When your mate get’s a job at a new cafe/bar/restaurant, (mate’s rates, five finger discount; ie. freebies!) “Oh dude, that’s cool as”

If something is more simple than expected, “For sure, that’s cake (a piece of cake), that’s easy as bro!”

Anyway, almond milk. I’ve always had issues with milk. I’ve been known to get on my dairy soapbox and tell anyone who will listen that milk is kinda gross, we are the only species who ingests another animal’s milk (but yes, we are the only species that does alot of things….is the usual response)

But milk doesn’t always agree with me. I don’t like the taste, I don’t like the smell.

But I like the idea of milk. I’m on a green smoothie kick at the moment and thought milk would be nice to shake things up a bit.

So, I’ve seen a gazillion almond milk recipes out there. And it looks simple, and it is. It’s easy as!

This method here, from one of my favourite website, My New Roots, is the one I followed.

Almond Milk
Makes two and a half delicious litres

2 1/2 cups raw almonds with skins

1. Soak almonds overnight

2. Rinse almonds.

If you have a big blender, you can do in bigger batches.
The ratio is 1 cup almonds to 4 cups water.

Blend water and almonds.

3. It’s not necessary to buy a nut bag.
I used a laundry bag designed for ‘delicates’
You just need to strain the nut pulp from the milk.
You could use a fine strainer, cheesecloth or stocking.

4. Squeeze excess milk out.

5. Remove nut pulp from bag and leave to dry out.
This can be used in many ways, dried out as almond flour, mixed with oats and soaked to make bircher muesli. Added to soups or dips to thicken.
The possibilities are endless.

Kinda excited about the possibilities of what to do with this almond pulp.
Kinda need a life you’re thinking, right!?

From a nutritional point of view, there are benefits to dairy milk vs almond milk.
Dairy milk provides higher amounts of protein, although calories, sugars and carbs are also higher.

It’s a completely personal decision, however I choose homemade almond milk because I find it kinda liberating making my own milk (in a different way to the feeling that my friend breastfeeding her new baby does; “I feel like a cow” in her words, not mine).

I also like knowing exactly what is in it, or what’s not in it, lactose and all the added hormones and antibiotics they pump cows full of these days.

,And it’s delicious! It naturally has the sweet taste of almonds, is full bodied, creamy and smooth.


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October 3, 2012 at 15:29